Machinery packing

Machinery Packing Procedure:

To plan for packing a shipment and ensure proper machine character, weight, dimension and communication with shipper/customer, about packing type and special requirements of customer /shipper if any.

To ensure that proper technique are used while packing component protection during handling and smooth transportation.


Packing of Heavy Machinery:

The Large and heavy dimension wooden case, ply wood case , open crate using over dimension panel and heavy duty and thickness hard wood , pine wood , plank, vertical and horizontal  battens inside or outside designed for a top load as per machine/component gross weight. Skid or base can nut bolt to be heavy load and suitable for lifting by forklift and crane.

Heavy duty case, ply wood case, open crate, give your products protection for export, domestic and storage. Construct as per machine weight and dimension wit export ISPM 15 measure and requirements.

Cushioning machine on wooden skid or base by soft and semi hard polythene foams to protect shock and vibration during transit.

Suitable for inner packing physical protection ofmachine, rapping water proof polythene sheet, air babble sheet, EP foam, put inside silica gel or dehumidifier sac, rapping by stretch rapper.


Packing Materials and Tools:

The quality and type of packing and materials used for packing are determine safe transportation in transit and handling, the various packing materials used most frequently are:

  1. Hard wood, pine  wood,
  2. Ply wood 10-12 mm MR Grade. Sami water proof
  3. Corrugated card board boxes, //cartons.
  4. Corrugated paper roll,
  5. Craft paper,
  6. Air Bubble sheet, EP FOAM, Polythene sheet,
  7. Stretch rapper, plastic strap.
  8. VCI Sheet, Aluminium foil rapper (vacuum packing) high standard.
  9. Silica gel, dehumidifier sac etc.
  10. Various type of power tools, fastener, hardware etc.  
Machinery Packing
Heavy Machinery Packing
Machinery Packing
Machinery Packing
Fumigated plyboard case
pallet design for heavy machine
Pallet foundation for heavy machinery packing
Pine and ply board box for computer items