Seaworthy Packing:

Due to the long transportation and storage periods all sensitive equipments, "Gears, Machinery, Bearings, Fittings, Electric Panel, Parts with super finish etc." have to be protected against corrosion. Machines are barriered by aluminium foil inside wooden case, plywood case or open crate. Aluminium foil can protect the machine from -10 digree centigrade to +90 digree centigrade temperature. Before finally sealing the aluminium foil the air contained shall be extracted (vacuum) for the absorption of the air humidity a sufficient quantity of desiccant silica gel shall be added.

Fumigated plyboard case
pallet design for heavy machine
Pallet foundation for heavy machinery packing
Pine and ply board box for computer items
Pine wood box Indian defence specification
pine wood pallet
ply board box
ply board export worthy packing
seaworthy heavy box loading
Seaworthy packing box type