Wooden Crate/Pallet/Case Packing Procedure :

Various type of pallet are provided as per cargo character and weight and dimension, that is a) Four way entry pallet b) 1200 X 800 euro pallet c) Four way entry open base d) Two way open platform base pallet etc.
Often simply we can figure palletization to ensure handling and smooth transportation, about the staking palletization each layer oriented the same way, resulting main column of cartons. Support the column hole the pallet together if the pallet strap and create a gap and the carton are unsupported. The carton are untouching the rapped by stretch film and carton can crash and damage. Customs pallet can be expensive.

4 way wooden pallet
Drum palletization
Export worthy pallet
Light weight carton palletization
Pallet for Electronic panel
pallet for frazile items
pallet for medicine